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Hi. This is Hall Park from White dragon publishing.

We are soon to release Mousritter in Korea.

Can we translate your work and show to Korean Audience?

Hall Park

Hey there thanks for reaching out!

Cam and I are ecstatic with Mausritter reaching a wider audience and happy for you to translate our work, we'd only ask that you keep it free to obtain for players.

If you need to talk about it further reach out to me on twitter


Dear Sir.

Thank you very much for the kind reply. Of course. I have gotten it free and it shall remain free. And once again, thank you very much for the hard work!)


I am really excited to check this out!


It's just another short adventure location like Lake of the Pirat King. We had a couple of new ideas and we always want the world to have more Mausritter content :)


amen to that!!!